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Over 10 years experience

Romford Halal Meats

Romford Halal Meats has over 10 years experience in supplying halal meat to butcher shops, restaurants and the catering trade. Meat can be purchased direct from our abattoir

Romford Halal Meats is dedicated to producing and delivering top quality Halal lamb and mutton to the muslim community. Slaughtering is by Haji Mohammed Afzal (Barking Mosque) with Zibah methods in compliance with FSA (Food Standards Agency) and EU slaughtering regulations. HACCP procedures are followed with full compliance. We are certificated by the HFA (Halal Food Association).

We have a well stocked farm shop, Beredens Farm Meats, on site, the shop is open 7 days a week, selling a range of Halal meat, including halal lamb, mutton, chicken, we also stock a full range of beef cuts. Meat is cut to your requirements. Adjacent to the farm shop we have a public area where you can view and purchase whole sheep or lamb.

All our livestock is British, locally sourced being a priority, we have our own pastures where livestock can graze. Romford Halal Meats is fully commited to the welfare of its livestock, with the majority of our staff trained in animal welfare, this helps to ensure a stress free environment for the animals.